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What is our Purpose ? Our Purpose is to Bring profitable traders in market.We are not actually teaching,What we do is Sharing our knowledge and experience.

SHAREMAKETCLASS has been promoted by MR. NR who has been involved in Stock Analysis of Indian Stocks Market since 2005. He switched over to Technical Analysis in 2006 and he is in teaching since 2009 to brining more profitable traders in NSE and BSE.

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Words from Mr.NR

My learnings

Just I started my career in share market with so many losses , nearly I have lost 20 lakhs in 6 months .After that I understood ,share market is not a magic , it is completely Mathematics , I have used different methods to analyse the market , finally after 4 years of my research I found the concept that it is a simple trick to earn to make profit from the market even the market is good or bad on the day . After several months of trading , I found that 99.9% accuracy in my method , then I started to teach to all my friends and people who are in loss , I think people need this .

My work

I have prepared complete guide in simple English how to trade in the market , and also I am arranging class in live and online(skype) ,for those who really need to earn , Each and every space of this site is resourceful and found to be useful and interesting for making money, We are sure that you may find these features for your enrichment as we do well for ourselves and also I want to make sure that we work only as a guide to serve them for making profit by trading.

Why I'm Teaching

Are you able to make profit from trading? then you are a genius but 95% of people are not successful in this trading, because they dont know that share market is a Maths, you cant get money from share market by doing some magic, but you can earn from it if you do some Mathematics. We will teach you that technique at affortable fee ,we will make you to win , We will give you life long support for the students through the site, Free live tips ,live chat and forum facility ,live proof for the concepts explained in the class during market hours .don’t trade without Knowing it .

My Advice

Are you aware? when market needs your entry and exit, if No!Then Dont make any trade because sitting idle will at least save your money . If you want profit then first learn then start earn , I'm here for you to help and If you dont have time to come class, Take our line guide to make you trade profitable, and also we are providing some live tips just if you are a viewer of this site.with out any cost , can you also contact 24/7 live support and forum to get the timely advice to fill your pocket ..


Mangudi Subramaniam

Took an abbreviated version of this class for my understanding. Nagaraj's analytical thinking coupled with simplified explanations was very good. Highly recommended

Sivachandru Palaniswamy

Easy ways to understand complex systems and formulae. Helped a lot to make money from the market. Thanks Nagaraj for your guidance.

Natalie Barnes

I have lost more than 5 lakhs in sharemarket before i heard about but after taking class from him my worries are changed Thanks to Mr.NR...

Naveen Kumar

Thanks to Mr.NR for his class. I was in a loss of more than a lakh rupee. I attended the sessions of Mr.NR and i\'m recovering my loss very fast. I will be in profit in a month or less than a month. Thanks a lot to Mr.NR for his sessions and his tips. I suggest people to take the tips from Mr.NR. Again thanks a ton to Mr.NR

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